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When I started working with Tremaine, my primary goal was to start investing and put together a more robust savings plan to conquer some financial goals.  Little did I know, we would do much more than just learn how to buy stocks and save money.


I have been able to conquer within 6 months:

·       Refine my existing budget for more focused financial goals

·       Reviewed my overall financial health to include a review of…everything!

·       Transitioned all savings to a bank that has a significantly higher interest rate

·       Talked through financial fears, desires and retirement goals.  

·       Bought/traded my first individual stocks and mutual funds outside of a 401k

·       Set a plan in place to retire on or before I turn 55

I am leaving the program feeling empowered and capable of creating the financial life I desire and deserve…. knowing that I will always have Tremaine in my corner as a resource.

Candace H.

1:1 Consulting Client

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